Hi! I’m George.

I create inspiring, interactive experiences that positively reshape people’s interactions with the world. When not working on my own endeavors, I help companies and individuals focus their creative process and take their ideas seriously.

I combine my background in sociology, expertise in user experience design, and passion for public art to conceive and execute projects that transcend everyday reality. My work’s been experienced by thousands in person and featured in The New Yorker, Wired, and Fast Company among other supposedly reputable sources.

I also believe in empowering others to be their creative best. I serve as proud trustee of The Awesome Foundation, founder of the Imperfect Film Festival, and creator of Side Project Society.

I take an adventure-centric approach to life and relish poking the world around me. Born and raised in New York City, educated at Harvard, and currently exploring San Francisco. Past adventures include cycling 4,000 miles across USA, CouchSurfing through 18 countries in Europe, and leading adventure trips in Peru.

I’d love to meet you. Let’s experiment, together! —-> George.Zisiadis@gmail.com