Street Stage


“Street Stage” re-envisions the street performer as a welcomed aspect of any urban scene. Street acts are reframed as performances by providing a beautiful, condoned space that lights up and uploads performances to the internet.

In the same way that Park(ing) Day re-contextualized our relationship to green space, Street Stage hopes to re-contextualize our relationship to musical space.

Street Stage premiered Oct 20,2012 at San Francisco’s Urban Prototyping Festival which focused on “Placemaking Through Prototyping: How Citizen Experiments Reimagine the Public Realm.”

Integrated sensors and microcontrollers allow a number of interactive elements to be incorporated. For pedestrians, there can be city maps that show which stages are in use, making the city streets like a permanent festival, and making street performances something to seek out. Lights on the stage grow brighter and more active as more and more pedestrians gather around the stage.

Created in collaboration with the all-star team of John Francis, Ross Hansen, Tyler Bushnell