Pulse of the City

Pulse of the City – Turning Pedestrians Heartbeats Into Music


“Pulse of the City” playfully empowers pedestrians with self-awareness of their heart rates by translating them into unique musical compositions in real-time. It simultaneously streams this heart rate data to the internet for anyone to explore and analyze.


The open-source project is designed with maximum scalability in mind. Anyone can add to the network of pulse monitors across the city, the country, or even the world.


By truly understanding the literal pulse of our cities for the first time ever, the project hopes to inspire a broader sense of civic community and humbly facilitate a constructive dialogue on how to design the healthier and more livable cities of the future.


It’s the first urban intervention of its kind and premiered Oct 20, 2012 at San Francisco’s Urban Prototyping Festival. Hundreds of joy filled participants were dancing and grooving to the music of their hearts!


Created in collaboration with the incredible team of Matt Ligon, Rachel McConnel, Rich Trapani.