Public Prompts

Ever wondered about that person you’ve been sitting next to for 20 minutes on the bus? What might a conversation with them be like? What might you learn from them?

But starting conversations with a total stranger is kinda hard, and pretty awkward.  And nobody really cares about the weather.

So we created Public Prompts – Inspiring Public Conversation Starters – to help break the ice the next time you’ve got a long ride ahead of you.

Do you regularly ride public transit?  Do you want to inspire meaningful interactions between strangers? And look as cool as Banksy doing it? Now you too can stage your own public intervention!

Public Prompts are installed using paper + gluestick. Thats it! Anyone can inspire meaningful conversations around them starting right now!

Wanna use our original eight questions? Download and print the template for Pre-Filled Public Prompts

Wanna write your own questions? Or let others fill them in?  Download and print  the template for Blank Public Prompts

Go forth and inspire the world around you!